Hello Courageous

We are proud to partner with Melissa Scott, Hello Courageous Coach to offer branded merch. 

Here is a-little more about Melissa and be sure to check out her podcast.  

I am a Christian wife of 20 years, mom of teenage triplets (yeah, I said triplets, saints pray), a bible truth lover, podcast host and a southern girl at heart. My family and I live in Louisville, KY but I grew up in Arkansas. Those southern roots run deep in my values, my decor, my soul and my words.

Through being a wife, raising triplets, and navigating a career, I have learned that courage is the only way to get through life. It was a painful lesson to learn. In the moments when I was overwhelmed with fear, and I wasn’t so confident in myself, I began to look to others for my value. The problem with that is everyone is busy trying to find their own. I had to learn to pull up my bootstraps, face my fear and look to God to do life with courage. In the throes of the hard things, we all face and have to live through, finding confidence in who I am helped me discover purpose beyond the mundane tasks of life.

After this challenging journey, I now have a passion for helping others discover the courageous side of themselves. Because of this passion, I created this blog and the Hello Courageous Podcast. Here you will find faith-based truth that will help you overcome fear and become more confident in yourself. You will read and hear inspiring conversations, stories of bravery and triumph through tough times. I hope you find the motivation to fulfill the purpose you have been given. I hope this website leaves you feeling encouraged, understood, and empowered.


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